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AVIION TV Suite is a subscription-based, hosted end-to-end OTT solution. It is perfect for any size companies, enabling them to share, manage and monetize their digital assets libraries across all internet enabled connected devices. Immediately available, easy to use, and loaded with powerful features, AVIION TV Suite allows you fast-to-market presence with LIVE and OnDemand materials (all needed tools are included - both backoffice and frontend).

What is OTT ?
Aviion TV Suite is a Cloud solution.
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A freshly coined technological term OTT (actually meaning "Over the Top") refers to a modern approach and platform for wide digital media distribution. It may be seen as a natural extension to technological advantages brought by IPTV, broadband Internet and data-heavy mobile networks. Namely, the ground concept of OTT is to offer all the available video, audio and similar media not only via users' television sets, but through their personal computers, soft-wired set-top-boxes, mobile phones and similar devices as well.

While each component of a modern OTT system has been independently developed and used beforehand, the point of OTT is to merge all those services and interaction smoothly together, i.e. letting the customers set up one account to be used on all their compatible devices, and for all the available options they prefer. These options range from simple live TV channel viewing, through historic and timeshift viewing, to on-demand shopping for music and movies, watching trailers, receiving recommendations, etc.

aviion ott cloud

We take care of securely hosting and managing your system. No need for expensive IT infrastructure or in-house IT skills or expertise.

Pay-as-you-go. Only pay a low monthly fee for what you and your customers use.

One price gets you everything - your OTT system, support, backups and upgrades. You can simply log on from www.aviion.tv website and access OTT management system straight away.

AVIION focus on simplicity, clarity, and ease of use make it truly unique. You'll love using AVIION.

aviion ott

aviion ott

With Aviion TV Suite, you get all the software set of tools needed to CREATE, MANAGE and DELIVER your flavour of available audio video internet services to internet enabled devices (smartphones, connected TVs, tablets, STBs, PC/Mac, gaming consoles,...).

Addition to that, there is comprehensive monitoring, reporting and statistic tools as part of the system ensuring you to run business aware service offering.
aviion ott

aviion ott
Elegant digital media distribution can function both as a standalone profitable service, or a quality addition to the existing range of digital services you may already provide. Using the already available broadband networks, both wired and quickly expanding wireless, and offered as a cloud service, it is simple to deploy, reliable, customizable according to your style and visual identity, connectable to various related systems, and supported on a wide range of target platforms.
Besides the obviously large possible revenues based on a wide pool of customers, OTT is a fantastic advertising platform and a sophisticated method to strengthen your hi-tech image, with reasonable budget and usually very little need for network upgrades.

aviion ott

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