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AVIION Media was founded in 2009 and started developing its future OTT flagship product right away. By 2012 it has launched the first official version of AVIION OTT for a local telecommunications company and has now aggregated customers from all around the world. Nowadays it serves a 7-digit number of end-users and keeps expanding. Behind the scenes, the team consists of about 40 people, headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia and keeps being the main driving OTT force in that part of the globe.

We are strongly focused on creating and improving the media delivery landscape while retaining its adaptivity and keeping it friendly for small and medium business market. Our solutions are easily scalable and even range beyond the OTT universe into broadcasting, consulting, maintenance, networking, and infrastructure services. 

As a tech company, we are eager to use plenteous technology possibilities and deliver up-to-date solutions in a multimedia environment. 

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Avion Media d.o.o., Iločka 32, Zagreb, Croatia
Int'l phone: +385 1 3855 855
VAT no.: HR77182024656

Contact us. Let's start.

Contact us. Let's start.