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AVIION Solutions

Check out various and modular AVIION solutions in signal delivery and services.

Signal delivery

AVIION distribution can function as both a standalone profitable service and a quality addition to the existing range of digital services you may already provide. Using the already available broadband networks, both wired and quickly expanding wireless, and offered as a cloud service, it is simple to deploy, reliable, customizable according to your style and visual identity, connectable to various related systems, and supported on a wide range of target platforms.

It is up to you. We are here to help you find a suitable solution for your business case.

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All screens covered

AVIION strives to suit the users. No constraints to the user experience. Customers in different markets have different preferences. AVIION adjusts to market demands.

That's why we offer the AVIION application on many platforms: iOS, Android, web, Tizen, Android TV, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast.


White label app

AVIION leaves the front row to you and your brand – we offer white a label app and it is up to you to make it looks like your own – your logo, your colors, your brand. We are the engine. The look&feel is you.

How to make it? We are here to help. Just ask.

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The Features

AVIION recognizes and predicts market needs. VOD OTT playback is old news, despite the fact that we are in a pretty young OTT entertainment industry.

Making linear channels out of VOD content? Or video store content out of linear channels' events?

Enriching classical broadcast with broadband content via HbbTV?

That's the news. Among others, AVIION provides such things. Killer features indeed.

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Business tools

AVIION's backoffice is a mothership of administration and drive behind the service. Its main parts are administration, asset management, and reports. Data reports are powerful business tools for service analysis and prediction of future actions. AVIION has a set of reports, constantly increasing according to customers' requests. Need additional reports? Just ask. 


Recommendation engine

Content recommendation is a mandatory feature today - suggesting adequate content for the unbearable lightness of content consumption. AVIION has the answer to demand. 

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